Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Services

Wattcraft provides CHP assessment and design services including:

  • Energy demand modelling and CHP system sizing
  • CHP and district heating feasibility and concept design
  • Generation technology review
  • District heating and cooling strategies
  • Fuel supply assessment
  • Greenhouse gas modelling and fuel sustainability assessment
  • Economic modelling
  • Commercial project delivery and energy services consultancy.

Wattcraft can help you review the technical, environmental and commercial potential for CHP at your site and arrive at a practical solution that will give you the required commercial return at an acceptable level of risk.

The viability of CHP depends on a number of critical factors, such as fuel and electricity prices, energy demand density and economic support mechanisms. Each project has a distinct set of characteristics and we can help you work out what works for your project. We recognise that the environmental benefits of CHP vary in accordance with the fossil fuel component of the electricity supply.  

We also recognise that the maximum environmental benefits of CHP are attained through the use of biomass as a fuel. We encourage therefore the development of a concept that gives flexibility to adapt to different fuel supplies in the future, even if running off fossil fuel at the outset. With our understanding of the characteristics of other forms of generation (of both heat and electricity) we can model these other systems in combination with CHP to give optimum integrated solutions.

Solar Energy Services

Wattcraft provides solar energy engineering services including:

  • Site scoping
  • Resource assessment
  • Technology selection and output prediction
  • System concept desig
  • Planning and environmental impact assessment technical input
  • Economic modelling
  • Guidance on project delivery options.
  • Solar energy embraces a wide range of technologies from thermal to electric.  Wattcraft can help with concept development and delivery of:
  • Solar thermal heating
  • Building integrated and stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) arrays
  • Concentrating solar power electricity generation.

Grid services through onsite energy storage and generation

If you have a high level of electrical consumption at your premises, you may be able to make significant cost savings through onsite energy storage and generation. The opportunities for this are as follows:

  • Capacity market – reduce or shift electricity consumption when electricity demand is higher than the generation that is available
  • Balancing services
    • Frequency response – adjust consumption in real time to help balance the grid (response time in seconds)
      • Firm frequency response
      • Enhanced frequency response
    • Reserve
  • Peak avoidance – shifting electricity consumption away from times of peak demand to avoid high energy costs (DUoS and Triad charge avoidance)

Wattcraft can help you take advantage of these opportunities through:

  •  Modelling your energy demand
  • Technical and economic modelling of cost saving measures matching your energy demand

  • Delivery of measures that meet technical and economic requirements, including development of approach towards procurement and operation.

Possible solutions might be:

  • Demand side management

  • Battery storage, potentially in conjunction with solar photovoltaics (PV)

  • Gas engine, potentially in combined heat and power configuration (CHP) providing both heat and electricity

Further assistance:

If you need expertise or help with energy planning or an energy audit, please contact us.