Wattcraft can help the client arrive at a suitable bioenergy concept to meet their needs or provide engineering services towards delivery of a chosen concept. 

We recognise that bioenergy projects are driven by a range of needs, whether economic, environmental or as part of a waste management strategy, and we can help identify the solution for optimum balance. 

We can navigate the complexity that is often inherent in bioenergy projects to provide an outcome that is technically feasible and commercially deliverable with an acceptable level of risk.

    Biomass system modelling & troubleshooting services:

    • Biomass resource assessment
    • Energy demand modelling and bioenergy system sizing
    • Biomass heating feasibility and concept design
    • Biomass combined heat and power feasibility and concept design
    • Anaerobic digestion and biomethane injection solutions
    • District heating strategies
    • Multiple feedstock options assessment
    • Fuel storage and transportation assessment
    • Greenhouse gas modelling and fuel sustainability assessment
    • Economic modelling
    • Commercial project delivery consultancy

    Further assistance:

    If you need expertise or help with energy planning or an energy audit, please contact us.