Summary of service

Wattcraft works in association with Splendid Engineering to provide feasibility studies that support applications for funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund, which provides up to £20,000 to communities wishing to develop their own energy system.

We can provide a feasibility study report that supports your application for RCEF funding, or we can help you through the whole the process of developing a community renewable energy scheme.



What is the RCEF?

It’s a UK Government fund, administered by WRAP and funded directly by the Treasury. The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) provides funding up to £150,000 to enable:

Phase 1: a grant of up to £20,000 to pay for an initial feasibility study

Phase 2: an unsecured loan of up to £130,000 to pay for the work required to support the planning application.

Who is eligible?

Any community group that has a formal structure as listed by RCEF.

We can help establish a formal structure if none yet exists.

What help can we provide?

Wattcraft and Splendid Engineering have extensive experience in developing sustainable energy solutions and have a good understanding of the challenges communities face supporting the early stages of development of a project to the stage whereby it can attract funding support.

Daniel Kenning of Splendid Engineering is Chair of the Energy Environment and Sustainability Committee at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Rupert Blackstone of Wattcraft is co-Vice Chair. This together with their professional relationship forged on the Great Notley wind turbine project for Braintree District Council has enabled them to develop a unified and complementary approach, backed up by associates and networks in the field of sustainable energy that enhance their services.

You will be dealing with us directly and we are able to offer you a flexible, high value and robust service, which will be in tune with the requirements of your community, rather than a one-size-fits all template solution. We will work with you in shaping up your community renewable energy project and towards maximising your chances of securing further funding.

Feasibility Report

We can carry out an initial renewable energy feasibility study supported by funding up to £20k.  This will form the basis of a further unsecured loan under the RCEF funding programme.

Full support

Further to the completion of the initial feasibility report, we will help you apply for an unsecured loan of up to approximately £130,000 to support planning applications and develop a robust business case to attract further investment.



Next Steps

Please contact us to find out more.

Rupert Blackstone:  phone: 020 81442110 / email –

Daniel Kenning:  phone: 01245 206 555 / email –