Wattcraft has been working for Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) on the European funded ZECOS project.


Oakley Vale Primary School Biomass Boiler Event

Oakley Vale Primary School Biomass Boiler Event

The full project title is “Development and Introduction of the Communal Zero CO2e Emission Certification System as a Tool for Sustainable Communities and Regions”. The main aims of the project are:

  • To develop a community-focused zero carbon certification scheme for use across Europe
  • To develop sustainable energy masterplans for local communities
  • To develop business models for delivery of the masterplans.
  • To implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, which can inform the development of a practical certification scheme

The project consortium comprises 11 partners in 4 countries: Germany, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. With the variation in local circumstances and community focus, there is opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas and the development of a flexible approach that can be applied by communities across Europe. The focus of NCC’s contribution to the project is on schools in Northamptonshire and the key areas of activity are:

  • Implementation of biomass boiler systems at schools
  • Establishment of a biomass supply chain.
  • Resource efficiency for schools, including energy, waste and water
Charles Jackson and Co Ltd. miscanthus boiler

Charles Jackson and Co Ltd. miscanthus boiler

Renewable Energy Workshop, IfaS, Neübrucke, Germany

Renewable Energy Workshop, IfaS, Neübrucke, Germany

Wattcraft has provided project coordination services and technical services including:

  • Development of multi-fuel biomass boiler concept and specification
  • Development of approach towards establishing renewable energy potential across Northamptonshire
  • Active participation in workshops with the other European partners to consolidate a common approach towards establishing renewable energy potential
  • Identification of requirements for setting up a biomass supply chain
  • Project management across work packages
  • Running biomass boiler information events for schools
  • Developing an approach towards implementation of funded biomass boiler projects in schools
  • Helping specify staff requirements for project delivery and support during the recruitment process.

For more information on ZECOS see: www.zecos.eu



Wattcraft acted as Project Engineer for Northamptonshire County Council in the installation of a 60kW biomass boiler for Yelvertoft School in Northamptonshire.

This was one of the schools project funded by the European Union through the ZECOS project.


Prior to the installation of the biomass boiler Yelvertoft School was being heated by oil, with consequent high energy bills.  The biomass boiler has now been installed and is operational. The project delivered to programme, was within budget and was well received by the school. The specialist biomass contractor was Ashwell and the civils contractor was Miluto.

  • Wattcraft provided the following services:
  • Review of boiler size – analysis of boiler size required to supply school space heating load
  • Layout – positioning of plant room to minimise disruption to school functions and facilities
  • Transport assessment – analysis of impact of wood pellet delivery on school car parking and pedestrian safety
  • Noise – assessment of noise of biomass boiler plant and pellet delivery on nearby residential property
  • Air quality – liaison between Council environmental health officers and biomass boiler contractor on air quality requirements
  • Site liaison and coordination – role of Owner’s Engineer in ensuring that biomass boiler installation was in accordance with the specification and addressing contract variations on behalf of the Council.
Yelvertoft Primary School biomass boiler installation

Yelvertoft Primary School biomass boiler installation