If you have a high level of electrical consumption at your premises, you may be able to make significant cost savings through onsite energy storage and generation. The opportunities for this are as follows:

  • Capacity market – reduce or shift electricity consumption when electricity demand is higher than the generation that is available
  • Balancing services
    • Frequency response – adjust consumption in real time to help balance the grid (response time in seconds)
      • Firm frequency response
      • Enhanced frequency response
    • Reserve
  • Peak avoidance – shifting electricity consumption away from times of peak demand to avoid high energy costs (DUoS and Triad charge avoidance)

Wattcraft can help you take advantage of these opportunities through:

  •  Modelling your energy demand
  • Technical and economic modelling of cost saving measures matching your energy demand

  • Delivery of measures that meet technical and economic requirements, including development of approach towards procurement and operation.

Possible solutions might be:

  • Demand side management

  • Battery storage, potentially in conjunction with solar photovoltaics (PV)

  • Gas engine, potentially in combined heat and power configuration (CHP) providing both heat and electricity



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