Business Energy

What can reducing your energy
consumption do for you?

It pays to give attention to energy consumption in a commercial organisation even if it is not perceived as a large part of the overall business costs. 

An energy survey is generally a good investment as, for relatively low expenditure, thousands of pounds per year may be saved, depending on the organisation.  The priority should always be on avoiding energy consumption, and it is generally possible in a typical business to reduce energy consumption by 20% without too much capital expenditure, for example through the adjustment of controls. 

Further to this there are a number of measures that can be put in place that give you a return on investment.  A first step may be to commission an energy survey by an energy consultant to determine your patterns of gas and electricity consumption, what can be done to reduce the consumption, the cost of this and how to go about it. 

From this there may be measures that you can apply straight away, or if you are constrained by capital and also want to reduce risk, a route towards more extensive energy efficiency interventions may be through an energy service company adopting the energy performance contracting (EPC) model.

Why might you think about generating your own energy?

There may be opportunities for you to generate your own energy on your premises.  Aside from reducing your carbon dioxide emissions, this could make you money.  You may be able to obtain financial support for renewable energy generation and combined heat and power (CHP).  Revenue through Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs), Feed-in tariffs (FiTs) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can help you pay back your investment.

Wattcraft can show you how.