Wattcraft provides renewable energy engineering consultancy and wider sustainable energy services.

Whether you would like to establish what renewable energy system would suit, or whether you have already identified the renewable energy system you would like to take further, we can help you.

All energy generation, including renewable energy generation, has an impact on the environment, as well as social impact. Wattcraft can help you arrive at an economically viable energy solution in the context of wider sustainability objectives.


Photo: Rupert Blackstone, Managing Director, Wattcraft

Rupert Blackstone

Managing Director / Renewable Energy Engineer

Rupert Blackstone, Managing Director of Wattcraft, is a chartered engineer with over 17 years’ experience in renewable energy. Prior to setting up Wattcraft he worked for 10 years as a renewable energy specialist at Arup on a wide range of renewable energy and sustainability projects. Before Arup he worked as a mechanical engineer at Wessex Water on energy and sustainability projects as well as on water treatment and waste water treatment design.

Rupert has extensive experience in renewable energy feasibility assessment, design, analysis, project management and team management. Largely due to his experience being wide-ranging his strength is in understanding the connection between different systems and aspects of projects rather than viewing systems in isolation. He can also offer specialist analysis of particular systems. At a time when there are so many sustainable energy technology options, policy incentives and economic mechanisms he can offer good value by homing in on what is important for the client.

Rupert is Chair of the Energy Environment and Sustainability Group (EESG) Committee at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). EESG brings together engineers from a range of backgrounds, including energy, waste, transport and water, facilitating progress in integrated optimisation of sustainable engineering. 


Why Choose Us

Wide-ranging skills

We have wide-ranging in-house renewable energy, combined heat and power and sustainability skills.


Wattcraft has a network of specialist collaborators who we can bring in to address specific project needs.


Through the above we can provide a highly versatile and effective service in the field of renewable energy, combined heat and power and sustainability.