Energy solutions and wind check

Wind check

Wattcraft is offering a wind check. You can find out whether your site is suitable for a wind turbine through our free wind energy scoping service. Contact us to discuss.

Are you concerned about unpredictable energy prices and their impact on your business? Are you looking for opportunities to make savings or improvements to your environmental performance? Are you trying to work out the most cost-effective and reliable way to meet the requirements of stricter energy regulation or energy-related planning conditions?

Nympsfield wind turbine 2010-12-01rsfIn all of these cases Wattcraft can give you support in finding the solution that suits your circumstances. Renewable energy systems very considerably in terms of their technical characteristics, their economic performance and their operational requirements. It is often the case that energy consumers with an interest in renewable energy go directly to providers of specific technologies and in this way do not necessarily get a balanced view of what systems are most suitable for them. Wattcraft offers an independent view on a wide range of technologies so that you can home in on the solutions that will bring you the most benefit. Not only is guidance provided on renewable energy systems, but an overall energy strategy can be provided, with priority given to reducing energy consumption.

The areas that Wattcraft can cover include:
  • Overall energy strategy
  • Energy auditing including site surveys
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Bioenergy
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Site-wide energy solutions
  • Energy solutions for development planning applications
Integration of renewable energy and other systems

The successful implementation of renewable energy systems depends on how well they are integrated with parallel and supporting systems. For example there is often an interrelationship between energy, waste and transport systems – components of waste may be used for energy generation and renewable energy can be used to meet transport energy requirements. Wattcraft is in a position to guide you on the efficient and sustainable systems integration.

The provision of technically effective solutions is not enough.

The true performance of energy systems is very dependent on the way in which they are delivered, the way in which they are operated and the way in which the energy is used.  Clear communication of technical solutions is important if renewable energy systems are to be accepted by users and specialist input is often required to ensure that they are implemented correctly and operated to ensure optimum performance. Wattcraft can work with you to ensure that technical concepts are communicated effectively throughout the project.