A few words about us

Wattcraft provides renewable energy engineering consultancy and sustainability services.

Whether you would like to establish what renewable energy system would suit, or whether you have already identified the renewable energy system you would like to take further, we can help you.

All energy generation, including renewable energy generation, has an impact on the environment, as well as social impact. Wattcraft can help you assess renewable energy in the context of wider sustainability objectives.

Staff profile

Rupert Blackstone, Managing Director

Why Choose Us

Wide-ranging skills
We have wide-ranging in-house renewable energy, combined heat and power and sustainability skills.
Wattcraft has a network of specialist collaborators who we can bring in to address specific project needs.
Through the above we can provide a highly versatile and effective service in the field of renewable energy, combined heat and power and sustainability.

What We Offer

You may come to us if you want help with any of the following:

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